About TalnQ

The future of work requires constant leveling up, increased automation, and access to talent markets.

Business is ever-changing and with globalization, it is now furthermore complex. To manage it well it needs a methodical approach that blends business knowledge with technology and understanding of the value chain of an integrated application system. It needs dedication and customer care with cost-effectiveness.

TalnQ is a niche player in the global marketplace in areas where our core competence speaks about us. TalnQ, specializes in Implementation and Integration solutions & services, using the latest technology stack and commitment towards providing services to its customer’s full satisfaction.

TalnQ is highly regarded as a company to do business with. Ours is a solutions company committed to customers' long-term business growth and success. We create value through solutions and services delivered by our team of highly experienced, dedicated consultants.

Our teamwork is above and beyond the call of duty. We work as an integral part of our customer's projects and they rely on our knowledge, best practice solutions, methodical & timely execution, well-managed training, and support to make them a self-sufficient team. Our flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and commitment towards their requirements make our customers happier and are delighted to work with us.

Our team, our knowledge base, and our solution library are our biggest assets. We share knowledge on a continual basis through internal training, chalk talk, and a solution-built program. We care to create a healthy competition, good work culture resulting in better incentive and quality of life.

Team Work

We owe our success completely to our organized teamwork. We have professionals from various fields, who work as a close-knit group on each project we undertake. Its the sheer team spirit they spread and share that makes us proud of ourselves. We owe everything that we have achieved, to three basic mantras -- dedication, passion, and teamwork.


Work at TalnQ requires constant innovation and creativity. Our greatest strength lies in the passion with which our people approach each project. Each of us is willing to stretch our mental and physical boundaries, to ensure complete client satisfaction.

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