Technology Workforce Management

Talnq offers a variety of flexible solutions that easily align with our customers business objectives. We offer Managed Services, Custom Application Development, Consultancy Services, High-Volume Engagements and others. Talnq can configure our engagement models to ensure business productivity and client success.

Managed Services

Talnq Managed Services Offerings include resource management, full-service delivery, vendor management, background screening, onboarding, payrolling and full budget management.

For every engagement Talnq Will:

  • Define the Service Delivery model and its execution strategy
  • Monitor the performance of the service and make efforts to improve the performance
  • Work closely with business to meet talent demands
  • Work closely with business to manage the overall talent budget and resource spend.
  • Continuously plan the workforce, budget and spend.

Custom Projects and Application Development

Talnq can help businesses assemble a complete team of qualified and highly-skilled consultants. The team can work both under client supervision or under Talnq's supervision.
  • We follow Proven, collaborative processes to alight project services and deliverables with measurable business outcomes
  • We conduct regular assessments to ensure value and continuous improvement throughout the engagement
  • We ensure the team is intact throughout the duration of the project and fill any open positions that open up during the course of the project.
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